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The Porto Arts Club | Terms and Conditions

  1. Membership Eligibility: Membership is available to adults of all ages; however, prospective members under the age of 28 are eligible for a 25% discount across all membership categories.
  2. Guest Policy: Members may bring guests to the club, but they are responsible for their guests’ conduct and adherence to club rules. Any violations by guests may result in actions taken against the hosting member.
    • 1. Founding Membership Guests: Members can bring up to three guests.
    • 2. General Membership Guests: Members can bring up to two guests.
    • 3. Corporate Membership Guests: Members can bring up to three guests or associates.
  1. Day Pass: Members who exceed their guest quota and / or individuals recommended by a member can purchase a day pass for 50€ per person
  2. Individual Membership: Memberships are individual. Couples are required to purchase two memberships and pay two joining fees.
  1. Advance Booking and Discounts: Members enjoy the benefit of early booking and receive a 10% discount on club events.
  1. Joining Fee: There is a one-time joining fee according to each category of membership, of which 25% can be redeemed towards food and beverage at the club.
  1. Privacy and Data: Members’ personal data and information provided to the club will be handled in accordance with privacy laws and the club’s privacy policy. Members can request access to their data or make changes to it as needed.
  1. Membership Cancellation: If a member chooses to cancel their membership during the membership year, they are still obligated to pay the remaining balance of the annual membership fee. No refunds will be issued for the portion of the membership year remaining at the time of cancellation.
  1. Event Attendance: Members are encouraged to attend club events and activities. However, participation in club events is subject to availability, and the club reserves the right to limit attendance if necessary.
  1. Termination of Membership: The club reserves the right to terminate a member’s membership for any reason deemed necessary by the club management, including violations of club rules or behavior detrimental to the club’s reputation. Termination may result in the forfeiture of any remaining membership fees.
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