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The Porto Arts Club Rules and Regulations

  1. No Children Policy: Only adults aged 18 and above are allowed entry.
  2. Children’s Events: The club may organize events for children upon request and based on availability.  Children must be accompanied by a guardian at all times while within the club premises.
  3. Dress Code: The compliance with our dress code contributes to a pleasant atmosphere within our club premises. Please note that we encourage an elegant, casual chic dress code within our club premises and kindly request that attire such as ripped jeans, shorts, t-shirts, gym clothes and bathing suits be avoided.
  4. Privacy for Members and Guests: Members and guests must respect the privacy of others.
  5. Mobile Phones: Phone calls should not be made in certain areas. Phones must be set to silent mode, and texting is allowed in designated locations.
  6. Cameras/Recording Devices: As a Private Member’s Club, it is expected that social media posts maintain discretion and do not involve or reference other club members.
  7. Audio/Video Sound: Sounds from mobile phones should only be audible through headphones, and wifi calls should be made in designated areas.
  8. Press and Social Media: Members and guests are not allowed to communicate information about other members, guests, or private events within The Porto Arts Club to the press or on social media platforms.
  9. Confidentiality: The Porto Arts Club is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality regarding member information.
  10. Drugs and Illegal Substances: The use, possession, or distribution of illicit substances or weapons is prohibited within The Porto Arts Club premises.
  11. Invoices: Invoices must be paid before departure, and members are responsible for expenses incurred on behalf of their guests.
  12. Food and Beverages: Bringing outside food or beverages into The Porto Arts Club is generally prohibited, except for medical reasons.
  13. Private Rental and Maintenance of The Porto Arts Club: Occasional closures for private events or maintenance may occur, and members are expected to respect these arrangements.
  14. House Events: Images from The Porto Arts Club events may be used for promotional purposes with members’ consent.
  15. Accidents and Injuries: Members and guests must take precautions for safety, and any accidents or injuries should be reported promptly.
  16. Entering and Leaving the Club: Members and guests should maintain courteous and quiet behavior when entering or leaving The Porto Arts Club premises.
  17. Animals: Except for certified service dogs, no animals are allowed in The Porto Arts Club.
  18. Video Surveillance: Video surveillance operates for security purposes in various The Porto Arts Club establishments.
  19. Tobacco Policy: Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas where it is authorized. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor club areas.
  20. Disciplinary Proceedings: Members and guests must adhere to the rules, and any conduct detrimental to The Porto Arts Club’s reputation may result in suspension or termination of membership.
  21. Membership Rights and Privileges: Membership grants rights and privileges but does not imply ownership of The Porto Arts Club.
  22. The Porto Arts Club Trademark: The use of The Porto Arts Club trademarks and intellectual property is restricted without prior written permission.
  23. Liability of The Porto Arts Club: The Porto Arts Club’s liability is limited in cases of loss, injury, fire, or water damage as specified in the rules.
  24. Interpretation of the Rules: Disputes related to rule application and interpretation are submitted to the Membership Committee, and their decision is final.
  25. Changes to The Porto Arts Club By-law: The Porto Arts Club may amend the rules as needed, with notifications provided to members.
  26. Contact Us: Members can contact The Porto Arts Club for inquiries or questions regarding house rules.
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